Testimonial 1:  The actor speaks
"When I moved to a new apartment with my fiancé, I was really concerned about its Feng Shui. For one thing, we’re both in the entertainment industry and need all the help we can get! Linda came in and spent about 3 hours going through our apartment and taking measurements. We were thrilled that the house was pretty good [to start with], but Linda helped maximize all its potential. She told us where the most creative places to work were, gave us individualized money remedies, and made sure we understood it all. Within several months, I had booked a guest star spot on a TV drama and my fiancé had gotten his biggest writing gig ever. Things have been going well ever since! Thanks, Linda!"

Royana Black, Hollywood-based theatrical, film, and television actress

Testimonial 2:  A painter smoothes out the rough spots
“I want to thank you, Linda, for your expert Feng Shui reading. Again, you have straightened out my rough parts. I have money in my account again. I’ve painted more than ever. Not to mention my paintings are for sale in a gallery up here (Big Bear City, California). Very cool. I have creative ideas all the time and my new career is still moving forward. I’m a little disorganized still but that’s to be expected from me. I feel very confident in your readings; they have always helped me and I’m so amazed how things start to go smoother after your visits. Is it time for my yearly update? Perhaps after the Chinese New Year?”

Kimberly Chartrand, painter, fiction writer, hair stylist, and real estate agent

Testimonial 3:  Healer gets well-heeled return
“Linda performed a Feng Shui assessment of my home and business and I implemented her remedies immediately. With a $1000 investment in copper water fountains and marble statuary, I received over a $5000 return within the first week and its been smooth sailing ever since.”

Tony Franco, Culver City-based worldwide spiritual healer

Testimonial 4:  It’s raining men [and marriage]
"I was on fire the summer I used Linda’s Peach Blossom Remedy! I met men everywhere I turned: friends suddenly offered to arrange blind dates for me; I met men at the grocery store; at work; even at the hairdresser. While not every date was a “love connection,” I did meet my future husband that summer. He had known me for several months, but had not shown interest in me beyond friendship. That is, until I performed the Peach Blossom remedy in my home.

When I started dating my (now) husband, I “retired” the Peach Blossom Remedy, as I didn’t need to meet any more men. I brought it out again when, after several months of talking marriage, my boyfriend (now husband) seemed to be in no hurry to propose. The very next day (after I re-initiated the Peach Blossom Remedy), he suddenly turned to me and declared, “We better start shopping for a ring!” We were engaged 6 months after we starting officially dating. Four years later, we are now happily married with two children."

Susan Sheehy Malanka, wife, mother, Hertz (New Jersey) finance manager

Testimonial 5:  Peach Blossom proves very positive experience
"After putting out flowers for my Peach Blossom Remedy, I was receiving a lot more male attention than usual. Men at work would notice me more often. At my company holiday party, one guy danced and flirted with me and asked me if I was married or had a boyfriend. Another guy started emailing and calling me all the time. (We went to lunch a couple of times, but I was not into him). I also noticed I’m receiving a lot more positive attention from my current boyfriend: he is a lot more affectionate and attentive; shows a higher level of interest in my activities; and joins me with my friends. The remedy seems to have definitely worked. Thank you, Linda."

Johanna Ramirez, executive assistant (TV Guide - Los Angeles), museum docent